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Discover the natural human diet and learn how to end your cravings forever. 


Have you ever felt completely hopeless when it came to weight loss? Or maybe you felt all sorts of aches and pains and thought, well, it comes with age and so it's normal. Have you felt so low on energy, that you just wanted to sleep all day long? And if you did, you felt even more exhausted?...  

After giving birth to my son, these were just a few of my symptoms. I was depressed, had constant flus and colds and headaches. And the worst of all... I only had to look at the food and I was gaining weight. 

Lots of people claim they have ‘the secret’ to weight loss, true health, and living a long and happy life. And I tried so many of them, but none of them created permanent change in my body, my daily habits and my relationship to food.

At my most desperate moment, I came across WILDFIT, a super powerful combination of nutritional and behavioural science. It reaches deep into our decision making psychology, teaches us the natural, evolved way of eating for permanent change in eating habits and optimal health as a consequence.

WILDFIT focuses on your mindset and requires nothing but your own self-awareness and commitment to the best, happiest and healthiest self.

Here is what you will
NOT be doing:
  • Calorie counting

  • Working out excessively 

  • Feeling hungry

  • Drinking shakes and supplements

  • Having lifelong restrictions

Here are some benefits you might experience after the challenge:
  • Better sleep

  • More energy

  • Optimal weight

  • Better mood

  • Better skin and hair

  • Stop sugar addiction

  • Help quit coffee    

Here is what the  program includes:
  • Over a dozen in-depth videos from Eric Edmeades, the founder of the WildFit method, walking you through the basic principles and mindset.

  • Online journal and success tracking tool

  • Private Facebook group with daily tips, recipes and inspirations

  • Living WildFit e-book at the end of the program to help you integrate everything that you've learned. 

  • Regular small-group coaching calls with me, your certified WILDFIT coach to provide support, tips and additional background to how and why WILDFIT works. 

EUR 729

all inclusive 

Click on the button below to register now!


Petra (45), Budapest (HU)

  • Weight loss: 9kg

  • Better sleep

  • Improved energy level

  • Feeling of success and joy

"...This program gives you knowledge on how your body works and what it needs, it guides you through it step by step. With each step I felt that I was gaining back control of what is happening to my body. Experiencing that it works, you feel better day by day. I started sleeping way better, my energy levels are way up, it just feels good. One more very important thing I got from the challenge is the feeling of success and joy which slowly takes over other parts of your life too. ..."

Daniel (41), Budapest (HU)

  • Weigh loss: 11kg

  • Improved energy level

  • Higher productivity

  • Better resilience to stress

"... A big thank you to Natasa specifically: she was an attentive coach throughout the experience – not only did she provide guidance to the team in our zoom calls, but she regularly checked in on me to discuss the challenge’s effect on me. Most importantly, she kept me on track with my diet. Based on previous experience, I would not have achieved any of these on my own. ..."

Kieran (41), San Francisco (US)

  • Weight loss: 15 kg

  • More and better sleep

  • Constant energy levels

  • Improved resilience and mood

"... Definitely feel like I have more energy each day. Loving the Alkagizer each morning, it’s a beautiful routine. I think the key thing for us was the access to all your cooking knowledge too, the food recipes have totally changed our diet for the better and it’s been delicious!

 As far as the coaching calls are concerned, I really liked us all meeting and discussing our wins and realizations. You have been amazing in keeping us all motivated to keep going when things got tough. ..."

Natalie (36), San Francisco (US)

  • New kitchen skills

  • No period cramps or headaches

  • Joy of discovering new food 

"... I was ‘encouraged’ to spend more time in the kitchen and it turned out to be a great success, not only for the sake of staying compliant with the WF program but also going beyond to stay in control of what we eat and maintaining healthy habits. 

Second win (major!) is the loss of cramps during my monthly cycle - this is something i’ve been struggling with for the last 15 years and I could not imagine going without Advil on the first day of cycle. ..."

Eszter (47), Budapest (HU)

  • Weigh loss: 10kg

  • Awareness about food and body 

  • Higher energy levels

  • Self-confidence in healthy food choices

"I am very happy that I could participate in this 90 day challenge. My biggest wins were the awareness it brought to my life about food, the increased sleep quality I had during the deep spring period and weight loss.  One big advantage of the program is that it lasts 90 days. This time was enough for me, to form a habit with healthy food, and now that the program is over, I still stick to the habits I made during the program. ..."

Are you stuck in creating health habits that stick?

Download "Your Simple Guide to Healthy Habits" booklet for free.

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