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30-Day Beach Body Challenge

Eat, move, sleep, repeat! We've got you covered!

Beach Volleyball

Ok, so it’s coming up to summer and many of us have been stuck at home for most of the pandemic so we’re looking forward to hitting the beach in a few months. 


One problem though: we may have gone a bit off the rails during the various lockdowns and instead of having buns of steel, we more likely have a muffin top, and will have extreme difficulty fitting into that cute bikini or sexy swim trunks!

Sound familiar?... Don't despair, we got your back! 

As a matter of fact not only your back, but your arms, legs, abs,... you get the idea.


Over the course of 30-days, we will combine a healthy eating regime with a challenging but doable physical movement program, along with the all important healthy sleep component, to help you to build your beach body in time for the summer.

What you get

Here is what you get:

  • 3 weekly small-group coaching calls with us, to provide you support, tips and the science behind the three pillars of optimal health: nutrition, movement and sleep.

  • 8 workout videos (+ 1 bonus video!)

  • Delicious and healthy recipe ideas 

  • Private WhatsApp group

  • A comprehensive workbook to guide you through the the program.

Sign up now!

EUR 229 only

Contact us on for more information and the next start date.

Meet Your Instructors


Natasa & Jim

Former corporate sharks and big bosses, both Natasa and Jim have 15+ years' experience in the airline industry. They both personally experienced how prolonged stress can impact health and well-being. When Covid struck, they re-evaluated their goals and priorities and decided to dedicate themselves to learning and educating about optimal health and the most practical ways of achieving it. Both are avid CrossFitters and have gone back to school at such illustrious institutions as Harvard and Stanford to become qualified in the areas of nutrition, physical movement and sleep. 

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