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Borsch (without potatoes...)

Serves 10 or 4 very hungry people. It all depends...


- 3 medium beets (approximately 500g) - grated

- 2 medium carrots - grated

- 2 medium parsnips - grated

- 1 cup chopped celeriac

- 1 onion - peels and cut in half

- 200g cannellini beans (use good quality canned beans or cook them yourself)

- 500g pork rib

- 1/3 l of good tomato passata or 2 tablespoons of tomato paste

- 6 black pepper corns

- salt to taste

For the garnish:

- 300ml yoghurt (I use coconut yoghurt)

- 2 cloves of garlic crushed or finely chopped

- bunch of dill finely chopped


Brown the meat in a Dutch oven or a big (5l at least) pan. When it is nice and brown on the outside but not fully cooked through add in 4-5 litres of water, the onion that you simply peeled and chopped in half, the bayleaf and the peppercorn. Don't season yet.

Bring to the boil and let gently simmer for at least 30 mins or longer. Now you can prepare the veggies. Grate the carrots, parsnips and lastly the beets. I use a food processor with a grater plate, which makes the whole process super fast and less messy. Chop the celeriac root into nice bite size cubes.

Now you can season the soup with salt. I would suggest adding half a tablespoon of salt now. Don't put in too much salt now as you can season it at the very end.

In a frying pan sauté the carrots, parsnips and beets until softened but still holding shape well. Add in the passata or tomato paste (lately, I have been using passata and I think I prefer it to the tomato paste). Let it cook for a minute or two.

Now you can add the veggies to the soup. Stir through and add the beans. Basically your soup is ready. Taste and finish seasoning. Let it sit on the stove with the lid on for 30 mins to let the tastes marry. It's well worth the wait

For the garnish: mix everything in a bowl and serve a dollop on the soup.

This soup is absolutely heavenly as is, but let it sit a day... and you will not regret it. Bon appétit!

Season: WildFit Fall

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