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Strawberry Jam

Made with date sugar. No processed sugars, just natural sweetness, fibre and goodness.

My boys adore jams, especially strawberry jam. So I wanted to create the healthiest and best tasting strawberry jam out there. And I have. It is easy, healthy and incredibly yummy.

Now, date sugar is not like any other sugar. It is actually dried and pulverised dates. The great advantage is that it contains all the fibres but the slight disadvantage is that it won't fully dissolve. I will tell you my secret to make it super smooth in a minute. So, it is best with date sugar. You can also make it with coconut sugar or any other sugar of your choice, but then watch the amounts because date sugar is less sweet than most others.


- 800g strawberries hulled

- 1 apple chopped

- 1,5 cups date sugar

- juice of 1/2 big lemon (or more, as you like it)


Wash and hull the strawberries and put them in a Dutch oven or another cooking pan. I love my Dutch oven and cook everything (almost) in it. Pour in 1/3 of a cup of water to stop the burning and turn on the heat to medium. Add the sugar, the chopped apple and the lemon juice.

When it starts to boil, reduce the heat and let is simmer gently. Stir it time to time, especially in the beginning to make sure that the date sugar is not burning. You will see that the fruits will start letting their juices out very soon. Simmer it for an hour or so and then let it cool down in the pan. The longer you simmer, the thicker it will be, so you can leave it on for longer.

You will notice that the consistency will be a bit grainy and the colour will be lighter than that that of a 'normal' jam. But that's ok, because it is still pretty pink and delicious.

When it is cool transfer it to the Vitamin and let it to its magic. Approximately 40 seconds and you have the most amazing strawberry jam ever. And, it is healthy. Can you believe it?

And now you can do whatever you want. Transfer it to jars (makes approx 1,3l), eat it with a spoon, or use it in other recipes, like my Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

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